"Our work is not merely concerning sensible design; it's about how sensible design enhances the well-being of individuals and makes a positive influence on society at the giant."

Project Management

City Space project managers have extensive experience with a strong technical background. They are highly skilled in efficient communication, well organized and have a sense of responsibility. The integration of design and construction, creating the partnership between Owner, Constructor, and Architect does not just happen. The team experienced project managers are trained architects/engineers, which allow them to transfer all design concepts into the construction site and maintain the concept in all executed details. Our services also include design management process by coordination of various project partners, design aspects, material submission and mock up approvals. Throughout the project life cycle, our dedicated project managers will make sure that all project stages are completed on time, within budget and complied with quality standards.

Our Project Management include:

  • Quality Management
  • Timely Execution Control
  • Budget/Cost Control
  • Supervising multidisciplinary working teams


Our site supervision team has an extensive knowledge of all engineering disciplines and they are trained to reserve our client’s interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health and safety during all the project life cycle. Onsite, our experienced project managers will make sure that the designs are executed as planned by frequent site visits and continuous follow up with the contractors.